5 Reasons to see a Kinesiologist

Should you see a kinesiologist? There’s a common belief that people pursue therapy because there is something ‘wrong’ with them. The fact Continue Reading →

Kinesiology for Anxiety

Kinesiology for anxiety

Kinesiology for Anxiety Kinesiology is incredibly effective in the treatment of anxiety. When combined with counselling it becomes a powerful Continue Reading →

Kinesiology for Social Anxiety

Kinesiology for social anxiety Malvern

Kinesiology for Social Anxiety Social Anxiety is the experience of fear and/or anxiety in social situations. In these situations the Continue Reading →

What to expect from a Kinesiology session

Kinesiology Session

What to expect from a Kinesiology session. What is Kinesiology? If you’re new to kinesiology you’ve most likely been introduced Continue Reading →

Kinesiology Therapy, it’s difficult to define.

Kinesiology therapy

  What is Kinesiology therapy? When people ask me what I do and I tell them that I am a Continue Reading →

Working with Affirmations

Kinesiology affirmations

Kinesiology and working with Affirmations Affirmations have been around in a number of forms throughout history. They are a powerful Continue Reading →