Are you choosing to thrive?

Are you choosing to thrive?

Have you ever found yourself asking?

Am I in the right place?
Are these the right people?
Am I doing the right thing for myself and my loved ones?

The real question you should be asking yourself is.

”Am I thriving?”

One surefire way to know if a situation, person, environment, or even wellness practice is right for you is to see how you respond to the circumstances. For example, does it help you to evolve as a human being, does it guide you in the direction of your dreams, or are you anxious, caught up in drama, bureaucracy, bitchiness or other obstacles this situation throws up to block you from creating the life you desire?

We’ve all been in situations where we haven’t felt comfortable. I’ve been in many, and while some situations provide positive challenges and help us grow, others are uninspiring, unmotivating and unfulfilling.

I have been a yoga teacher for 7 years but don’t attend group classes. I used to practice daily (sometimes twice a day) in a fancy studio until injury forced me to re-evaluate what I was getting from my studio practice.

A tiny part of yoga is the practice of Asana; you may know it as ‘yoga’, which refers to the pose aspect of yoga. They are practised to teach us how to ”sit” so we can meditate and move towards Samadhi (union with the divine, the ultimate goal for a spiritual seeker like me).
Some postures are challenging because they require our bodies to balance, contest our strength and require focus in extended holds. Practising these postures helps us grow towards our goal.
Some postures are challenging to us as individuals because our skeletal structure cannot accommodate the strain we are placing on it. Practising these postures, which never feel great, combined with our dodgy mindsets, joints and often our stubbornness, can lead us to injury.

I had moved towards injury, not bliss. In my practice, my body, mind and soul were not thriving. I was frustrated and blocked. I finally acknowledged that (only after stubbornly trying to heal a recurring injury multiple times). I realised I was not thriving within that particular institution using their methodologies. This was also the catalyst for my growth as I transitioned into more profound learning and personal practice that fed my soul and allowed me to deepen my personal journey.

A personal yoga moment in Thailand 2017

Are you sabotaging yourself by staying in a yoga pose or situation that is not nourishing your mind, body or soul? It often takes courage, strength and inner work to leave an institution, practice or person who does not allow you to thrive.
Note courage is a foundational pillar of self-love.

Your divine, soul-inspired life starts with love!

I have several pathways available to you to do the inner work, open your heart chakra and create the life of your dreams. Book a discovery session today to chat with me about where you want to go.


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