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Self-respect is the regard or the esteem that we hold ourselves in. Essentially, it’s how highly we see ourselves in relation to others and society. Therefore, self-respect is vital to our ability to love ourselves and create our dream lives.
It is vital for us to have a healthy sense of self-respect because it not only helps us connect to ourselves but also allows us to connect to our intuition, our highest self. In addition, it helps us to embrace our confidence and to embody our self-love. In a society where we constantly face so much criticism and comparison, we need to practice self-respect; just like any practice we might take on, it takes work and in-depth study.


You must be able to set boundaries to maintain your sense of self-respect. Boundaries stop us from doing things we don’t feel comfortable with or don’t align with our values.
When you set and maintain boundaries, you show yourself and others that we have regard for yourself. Sometimes this can be hard, especially in relation to peers. So many of us care so much about what others think about us or how they regard us that sometimes we don’t regard ourselves as highly as we should. We allow our boundaries to slip, or we have never been taught to set boundaries, so they are not put in place to begin with. In this case, we can feel like we are being tossed back and forth by others’ expectations.
Knowing our boundaries is essential for the practice of self-respect and also the practice of self-love. Holding yourself in high regard as a human who makes mistakes and a spiritual being with a soul journey to experience.


Having the courage and the commitment to the self to follow the heart’s desires. To follow our truth and to live in our truth and to not allow others’ attitudes, expectations and beliefs to override our truth or to block our path, not compromising on our value, not compromising on what we put out into the world because others or society may deem it not to be of value.


Your level of self-respect will be reflected to you in how others treat you and how others value you; this is because it is you who shows them how to treat you by how you respect yourself. How you treat yourself and the attitudes and beliefs you have about yourself will determine how others value you. An indication of your self-worth will show up in your relationships, your vocational work, and your health; it will affect the personal potential you can access.

Inner work prompt:

What are your highest values? Do you have firm boundaries in place that reflect those values? 

Have you ever allowed another person’s beliefs to compromise your decision-making?

Do you pay enough attention to what your body and soul need, and are you consistent in your wellness and spiritual practices?

When you are actively practising self-respect, the level of respect that you have is going to be elevated. It will be reflected in your behaviours, actions and responses to confronting situations. In addition, it will allow you to maintain a sense of calm and equanimity in situations.
If you are clear about your boundaries, who you are, what you stand for and what you allow to occur in your world, your reactions to the world will be clearer and calmer.

How do you practice and build a healthy sense of self-respect?

I wish for you to treat yourself the same way you would treat a divine Goddess with love, care, and high regard. To develop this practice, you need to understand your divinity and activate your intuition to honour that divinity that exists within you and activate your life purpose. It all starts with love.

I created the Divine Goddess Initiation journey so you can step into self-love and power, elevate your life quickly and manifest your dreams.

A Divine healing activation

Use this affirmation to help you relax into transformation.

Holding my intention close to my heart, I look upon myself with love, I acknowledge my truth, I see my true worth, and With great respect, I give myself the time and healing I need to reach my fullest potential.

There is a Goddess within you. Do you want to meet her?
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