Relax into Transformation


Throughout our time on this planet, changes constantly occur in different aspects of our life. If we can allow ourselves to go with the flow, relax and accept the change process, we will live a much more peaceful existence.

Transformation, by definition, is a marked change in nature, form or appearance. It’s a change that either ourselves or others can acknowledge. Something has noticeably shifted.

The best archetypal description of the transformation process is that of the caterpillar as it turns into the butterfly. When the caterpillar goes into the chrysalis, it reacts to cells named imaginal cells. The imaginal cells hold the blueprint of the butterfly that will emerge. 

Once cocooned, the caterpillar’s immune system starts to resist this butterfly blueprint. The caterpillar has to reform and restructure in the process. The immune system responds to this as a threat to its existence. First, however, change must occur. The change is a part of the life journey of the caterpillar. Something has to die so that something new and beautiful can be born. 

We can consider our goals, aspirations, and intentions to be like our own butterfly blueprint. The resistance we experience to our own change is old attitudes, beliefs, internal criticism and self-sabotage patterns that stop us from getting to where we want to be. 

Sometimes the resistance also appears as impediments in our outer world, as we allow these ‘obstacles’ to block us from creating change.

Inner work prompt: 

How strongly do you resist change? 

How strongly are you resisting a change that is happening for you now?

Once we’re in the chaos of change, there is no going back. If the caterpillar is already fighting against the butterfly blueprint and succeeds at resisting change, it dies. 

In a way, we do, too, because if we become aware of our potential, if we set a goal, if we understand who we have the potential to be, and then we stop ourselves from achieving that outcome, it will always be there in the background. This understanding of the potential we have not fulfilled will lead to emotional problems like anxiety, depression, grief, guilt, shame, and anger. 

That’s why we need to be able to first thoroughly understand our goal. To have a completely clear understanding of where we want to be so that we can recognise it and question resistance as it arises. Then, we can do the inner work necessary to release our objections to move forward, knowing the reason for our journey and knowing that the transformation is worth it. 

What we are talking about here are soul-defined goals. This is your soul saying to you, “This is what you have the potential to achieve. Now you better move towards it, or we’re just going to sit here and stagnate”.

Inner work prompt: 

What might you be holding on to in your current transformation that needs to be released? 

What needs to shift so that your transformation can complete? 

There is a key to moving through resistance, and that is that your transformation begins with self-love. 

Self-love is following your heart’s calling, your soul-defined goal. It’s the act of what you need to do to achieve your purpose in this life. The better your relationship with yourself, the better you know yourself, and the better you know who you have the potential to become, the less resistant to change you will be.

A Divine healing activation 

Use this affirmation to help you relax into transformation.  

Holding my intention close to my heart, I journey inwards to the chaos of the chrysalis, where I allow deep change to occur. I do the inner work, re-imagining myself until it is time for me to emerge transformed. 

There is a Goddess within you. Do you want to meet her? 

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