Are you ready for a Wellness Revolution?

Wellness revolutionAre you ready for a Wellness Revolution?

Pressure has been mounting for individuals to conform to a health care system in Australia, which is clearly in a state of crisis. 

For all of the healthcare reforms that have taken place over recent years, common, preventable lifestyle diseases are still on the rise!

Recently we have seen changes to our wellness freedoms which have included: 

  • Alternative therapies (including kinesiology) being struck off the rebate list.
  • Access to common nutritional supplements under threat.
  • Young consumers leaving private health insurance providers in droves increasing premiums.
  • Organisations such as Google and Facebook partnering with pharmaceutical companies and restricting health information and freedom of speech on health choices. 
  • Government bodies relaxing restrictions on food labelling and GMO’s

It’s time to consider how we can take our health and wellness out of the hands of governemnt and corporate agencies and back into our own hands. 

A revolution is necessary, and this is how I see it is evolving:

How does the revolution look? 

Below is my vision and mission for a revolution in personal wellness; it is what I advocate for regarding my wellness rights and for the wellness of others.

Freedom of Education: 

Individuals are becoming educated on all the risks and benefits of the choices they are making based on long-term health outcomes as opposed to short-term solutions. 

Freedom of information:

Individuals must understand that they have the right to ask for independent research to validate their own personal health and wellness choices. 

Freedom of choice: 

Individuals should have the ability to choose their own healthcare and wellness providers, that includes alternative and natural healthcare providers.

It’s Personal!

Wellness choices are made from an informed and empowered perspective. When making decisions, wellness choices are consciously made based on our personal long-term health outcomes. 

When you are faced with a choice regarding your health or wellness, there is a simple technique you can adopt to feel more empowered in making a conscious decision, and it involves using your BRAIN to ask the following questions: 

B – Benefits. Ask what benefits this action will have short-term and longer-term.

R – Risks. It is essential to know any risks involved when making your choices for the short and long term. 

A – Alternatives. Find out if there are safer or more practical alternatives for you? 

I – Intuition. Ask yourself, does this feel like the right option for you? 

N – Nothing, What happens if you do nothing, what are the longer-term consequences? 

The above questioning techniques will help you weigh up your decisions and make informed choices that benefit you in a holistic way.

Are you ready to join the Wellness revolution? 

Our Wellness Coaching services offer you assistance to take control of your wellness lifestyle and to move towards optimum energy, performance and fulfilment. 

With over 13 years in the industry and qualifications in kinesiology, counselling & coaching we can help you define the wellness path that is right for you. 

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