• Kinesiology

  • Dreamwork

  • Yoga



Kinesiology assesses each person as an individual based on their unique life experiences and inherent traits. Using muscle testing as a tool, kinesiology uncovers the underlying cause of emotional stress, illness and injury. Healing and balancing body, mind, energy system and spirit.


Dreamwork also commonly known as dream interpretation is a process of exploring dreams that occur during sleep to determine their deeper meanings in our waking life. Dreaming helps us restore and prepare for the challenges of waking life. We also coach in Lucid dreaming techniques.


Coaching can help you to tap into your fullest potential and achieve your goals. Coaching works on the principle that the you have all the knowledge and power to succeed at whatever you wish to within. Your coach keeps you on the path to creating your best life.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is an ancient system of personal development encompassing an understanding of how the body works as well as the effect that food, breath, meditation and movement have on your health. Yoga takes into account all aspects of the individual and suggests ways that you can maintain your health.


Creating real change requires a long-term commitment. We are putting together 6 – 12 month programs to keep you accountable and on the path towards fulfilling your highest potential. Watch this space!

Online Courses

One of the greatest indicators of happiness is growth. People who feel they are growing personally, spiritually or developmentally are found to be happier and more fulfilled. I have developed the Happy Life Goals course to help you on your journey.


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