Below is some of the wonderful feedback I have received from my beautiful clients.

“Kinesiology with Kristen has been invaluable to me on my spiritual and professional path. She has helped me through some of the most difficult times I have faced, and also helped me reach heights I had never previously reached before. I am certain that a large portion of my success and spiritual growth this year can be accounted to our sessions. Even during the most difficult times, I have always walked away from her sessions feeling incredibly grounded, stable, and secure. I don’t know how I will ever live without her. Kristen’s knowledge covers so many bases, and it is rare for me to find someone with such deep knowledge who is yet so grounded. I truly admire Kristen for her skills and also her professionalism. I recommend her services to all of my clients and friends, and would recommend her with no hesitation to anyone who is looking for a Kinesiologist. Thank you Kristen for your life changing work, I feel blessed that you came into my life.” – Erin Kyna, Life Coach and Meditation Teacher www.erinkyna.com

“Finding Kristen was a miracle. I originally went to see her to do a general checkup on a physical level to make sure I was on track with the way I was living my life and what I was putting into my body. Little did I realise that she would take me down a rabbit warren of healing, growth and elevation. We have worked on many levels together and I don’t doubt that my growth with her has contributed to me moving forward personally, spiritually and professionally. Kristen is excellent at what she does, with extensive knowledge and a gentle nature, My sessions with Kristen always leave me feeling empowered, uplifted, focused and at ease with life’s journey.” – Penny Lomas, Personal Trainer, Biosignature coach, author of  The Hormone Connection, www.pennylomas.com.au

“Kristen is a wonderful blend of practicality and intuitive healing. I feel that I have finally found a therapist that can help me clear deep emotional blocks that are in my blind spot. She is professional and compassionate. My life and business have both dramatically shifted since working with her. She gives clear action steps to integrate the therapy with daily life.” – Sharanya Naidoo, Relationship coach www.threecupsfull.com.au

“This was the first time I had attended a kinesiology session, Kristen made me feel completely relaxed and at ease. She has a friendly and gentle nature and really welcomes you to open up to uncover any past experiences so you can heal and move forward. She really helped me to understand and work through past events and has given me a new outlook on life” – Ella

“Hi Kristen, I’ve got a happy daughter … Just received a text saying ‘Kristen’s amazing. I’m happy everyday, not only 1 day out of 7’ xxx :))) we love you and thank you xxxx :)))” – Sophie

“Uncanny! Amazing ability to uncover hidden truths about the body.
Feeling balanced and awakened with our work and excited to uncover more things.
Kristen makes you feel very comfortable and her experience shines through. Since I start my journey 5 months ago, I have uncovered many sensitivities, intolerances, deficiencies and emotional setbacks. Together we have successfully worked through all these things and as life throws me more curve balls she has given me the tools to cope.
Looking forward to my appointment next week to see what else we uncover!!!
Thank you Kristen Ross!!!” – Nadia

“First time to Kinesiology and I don’t think it will be my last. Kristen was professional and very intuitive so it was a great experience. Felt lighter and more centred that I have for a very long time. Thanks!” – Jimena

“Dear Kristen, I feel so more relaxed & comforted today knowing you are on my team
helping me to achieve my highest potential. Thank you!! I am now feeling like I am on the right path & forming some sort of understanding & sense & belief of where I am at on my journey.” – Leah

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