The Inner Path

Divine Inner Work with Kristen Ross

Discover the power of your intuition, cultivate inner tranquillity, and seize the reins of your well-being and destiny.

Are you longing to deepen your connection with your authentic self and its guiding wisdom? Are you grappling with questions about your life’s direction, finding it challenging to unearth your true purpose?

Perhaps you’re in a space where the weight of others’ expectations feels overwhelming, and amidst all the noise, discovering your unique path seems like a daunting task.

We all know how demanding it can be to muster the energy and motivation for our dreams when we’re feeling adrift and disconnected.

If any of this resonates, remember that you’re not on this journey alone. It’s completely alright to experience moments of uncertainty, yet taking those steps towards rediscovering yourself, reclaiming your inner strength, and embracing your purpose is a significant endeavor.

You can move through mess and stress and live a vibrant life filled with purpose and fulfilment.

18 years ago, I found myself in disarray – overwhelmed, drained of confidence, and struggling with self-doubt. The high-speed pace of my industry left me drained, and health challenges only compounded my stress. Despite my yearning to bloom into my fullest self, I was adrift, lacking direction. It was only when I tapped into my true essence and released the grip of my mind’s desires that I could seize the reins of my life and embark on a purpose-driven journey.

I’m no stranger to the stress and the turmoil of feeling like a puzzle missing its pieces. Through my personal voyage, I’ve harnessed the might of inner exploration and its ability to foster a profound connection with our inner being, leading to genuine well-being and inner strength.

Through 16 years of working with clients on their healing journeys alongside my own deep inner work and holistic wellness practices, I’ve unearthed the keys to crafting a life brimming with purpose and love. My mission is to walk alongside you as you navigate your own path towards self-discovery, finding your true calling, and embracing a life filled with serenity and crystal-clear purpose.

It’s time to activate your energy and find clarity, purpose and inner peace!

  • End confusion about where you are going, find clarity and create a purposeful life.
  • End the cycles of stress that are causing chaos and confusion in your life, and step into your authority.
  • Reclaim your time and energy and design a lifestyle that supports you in doing the things you genuinely love.
  • Release attachment and live in the present to manifest an abundant future.
  • Re-invigorate your energy field and feel like a more energised version of yourself.
  • Stop being the yes person, set healthy boundaries confidently and put yourself and your growth first.
  • Remove restrictive beliefs and embrace new attitudes and actions that leave you feeling deep gratitude, love, and appreciation for your body, mind and spirit.
  • Clear your energy field of lifetimes of karmic wounding that is stopping you from living a whole, abundant, joyful life NOW!
  • Cultivate deep self-trust forged from a new appreciation of, and affinity with, yourself.

Life is your spiritual practice. Make every moment count.

What you’ll receive on your 1:1  journey over 12 weeks.

1 x 90-minute ACTIVATION session
Let’s get clear! Your transformation here! Let’s define where it is you are headed on your spiritual journey (Value $199)

5 x 1-hour Inner Work Sessions.
Deep dive into your self-discovery. Reclaim the highest version of yourself as you discover how to implement change and set boundaries to live in peace, love and abundance. Align your energy and clear your karmic chaos to shift your relationship with yourself and the world. (Value $795)

12 weeks of messenger support.
You will also receive the Supported Journey 24-hour messaging service as part of your entire journey for (Value $799)

Plus, receive these BONUSES:

4 x Personalised Australian Bush Flower essence remedies to support you on your journey (posted to your door as our work unfolds *AUS only. Value $38) 

Make it 13 weeks!
You’ll receive an additional week of messenger support once your program has concluded (Value $75).

Value: $1906

YOUR INVESTMENT: You’ll pay only $1,195 when paid in full.

PAYMENT PLAN TERMS: $500 upfront + 2 x further monthly payments of $347.50

Upon completing your program, you can book additional follow-up sessions as needed at a discounted VIP rate.

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Why work with me?

If you had the tools to move past the blocks holding you back, you’d be living the life of your dreams, full of love, abundant energy and purpose. I have worked in holistic wellness for over 15 years to put those tools in my belt, and I still work with clients who have trusted me to help with their life transitions and the wellness of their family members for 16 years +.

It’s time to allow yourself to thrive.

This is your opportunity to release the stress that’s making your life a mess and open yourself up to a life full of joy, creativity and fabulousness!

Over 90 days, we’ll go deep as I guide you through this journey to reclaim your power, confidence and reconnection to your heart and soul.

Discover the Unique Approach using Intuitive Guidance and Holistic Therapies:

A therapist sits facing the camera with a smile. Kristen Ross

I am an intuitive guide, kinesiologist, and holistic, multi-dimensional therapist with over 15 years of experience. My passion lies in working closely with clients and providing personalized sessions to help them honour their hearts and souls.

As your guide, I will assist you in accessing your inner wisdom, allowing you to tap into your inherent knowledge and find the answers you seek. Together, we will journey to tame your unmanageable and overtaxed mind, helping you regain control and achieve mental clarity.

Through my holistic approach, I will help you redesign and realign your life, ensuring that every aspect harmonises with your highest good. Together, we will establish unbreakable boundaries that empower you to prioritize your well-being and create a fulfilling life.

Additionally, I am here to provide unwavering support as you navigate through releasing the karmic chaos that may keep you in turmoil. By addressing these energetic imbalances, we can facilitate your personal growth and help you find inner peace.

Let me guide you on your transformative journey as we unlock your true potential and create a life aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Here’s what you need to know about my work and why I am a unique fit for you.

  • I have 15-plus years of real-world one-to-one experience working with my clients in a thriving practice.
  • I quickly and intuitively tap into your problem’s core to uncover lasting solutions.
  • I know how to hold space for profound transformation to occur.
  • I have hundreds of hours of holistic training in working with the mind-body and energy structure, and I hold qualifications in counselling, kinesiology, dreamwork, yoga, meditation and coaching. Plus, I have hundreds more hours working one-to-one with clients.
  • I am your supporter and will remain non-judgemental of your experiences as we explore the shadow aspects of yourself together.
  • I will ensure you are challenged enough to activate your transformation without overwhelming you.
  • I love watching people create their dream lives, and I can’t wait to see you create yours.

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Note: The $29 fee will be applied to any 1:1 session you book with me within 1 week following our discussion.