How to step into self-love and manifest the life of your dreams.

Step into your self-love and manifest the life of your dreams

Manifestation is creation that happens when you align your vibration!

Let’s make this simple … manifestation is an action or effect! It’s cause and effect theory like you learned in science at school.

Essentially it is the consequence of actions that come from our beliefs which often are established during our childhoods (or are inherited or karmically contracted, but let’s not complicate things too much) and are locked into our energy field affecting our vibration.

To manifest anything, there are essentially three steps:

1. Define what it is you want and why you want it.

2. Align your energies through inner-work and self-love practices

3. Design your pathway by taking inspired action that moves you towards your heart’s desires.

As a teenager, I was politely discouraged when I said I wanted to audition for VCA, a prestigious school for performing artists. This led me to believe I was not a good enough dancer to achieve that goal. Of course, that led to self-confidence and deep self-love issues, especially when my younger sister was allowed to audition … It was my teenage dream to be a professional dancer. A plan I wouldn’t let go of because it was deeply aligned with my soul purpose (even if I did suck at ballet)…

To make something happen, we must take action based on the unshakeable belief that we can achieve it. That is where the inner work becomes an essential part of our journey.

As we start to take action and move towards our goals, established beliefs around our values, abilities, intelligence, etc., often emerge, and the path becomes blocked if we do not face these obstacles and challenges as they arise.
The more aligned to the goal we become through integrating past experiences and unhelpful beliefs whilst creating and activating new pathways, the easier it becomes for us to achieve.

You can manifest anything you align your energy and consciousness to and take action on.

What you believe you can achieve.

For example:

… flash forward to post-high school and inspiring first self-help read (Never Give Up by Graeme Alford), I enrolled into a postgraduate Arts Management diploma conducted in partnership with Uni Melb and my dream school … the VCA. BOOM! I spent six months studying on the grounds of my dream school. Part 1 of my dream manifested because I maintained alignment with that part of my goal, and when the opportunity presented itself, I took action, whilst my previous actions served to bring about the opportunity.
It gets better. After some years of kinesiology training, eliminating negative beliefs and karmic crap whilst activating my self-love, plus a sneak peek of a bootlegged copy of The Secret later, I was working as a professional bellydancer. The second part of the dream was to be a professional dancer. Plus, I had the backing of an Arts Management degree to ensure I could succeed.
Kinesiologist by day and by night, I was dancing up a storm at restaurants, weddings, corporate events, festivals and even Lebanese pop-star shows. Eventually, I also had the opportunity to dance and compete overseas!
The more I acted on my dream and aligned myself with the vision, the more I created.

Ok, so here’s the photo proof because I know you will want to see it to believe it.

Me dancing at World Bellydance day Melbourne, 2011

Performing for World Bellydance day Melbourne, 2011

I will not promise you that manifestation is easy, and the result may not look how you imagined it either; the truth is, they will probably be better! Imagine I had auditioned as a delusional teen full of dreams? I would have been rejected, and heartbroken, and I may have given up on my dream at that point. What felt like the universe conspiring against me at the time was actually a divine blessing that opened many doors on the way to vibrating at the frequency of love that emerged from working my way through past life karmic blocks, building my confidence and activating my love of improvisational dance (I could never remember choreography). My point is that none of my journey was pointless. It all served to bring me into my power, purpose and self-love.

Pretty much anything you want to create in your life is achievable when you step into your self-love. That’s the key, you see!

Self-love raises your vibration so that you are able to attract the experiences your heart desires into your life.


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