Is happiness in your Imagination?

Imagination happiness

Is happiness all in your imagination? How your mind can influence your happiness. We all use our memory and imagination Continue Reading →

Happiness Hormones

Happiness Hormones

How your hormones make you happy. Happiness is entrenched in natural, chemical and hormonal actions in your brain. These actions Continue Reading →

How to Re-wire your brain to achieve Happiness

re-wire your brain for happiness

You can re-wire your Brain for Happiness Looking for Happiness? Whether you have more happy or sad thoughts depends on Continue Reading →

5 ways to survive the holidays

5 ways to survive the holidays Holiday season is upon us and we Australians get a pretty great deal at Continue Reading →

Clear clutter from your mind with kinesiology

Clear clutter from your mind with kinesiology. What is Mind-Clutter? Mind clutter (similar to clutter in your home or email Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to see a Kinesiologist

Should you see a kinesiologist? There’s a common belief that people pursue therapy because there is something ‘wrong’ with them. The fact Continue Reading →

Kinesiology for Social Anxiety

Kinesiology for social anxiety Malvern

Kinesiology for Social Anxiety Social Anxiety is the experience of fear and/or anxiety in social situations. In these situations the Continue Reading →

Book review | Change Your Thinking by Sarah Edelman

Change your thinking by Sarah Edelman is one of my favourite resources. I first picked it up at a bookstore Continue Reading →

Goal setting with Kinesiology

Goal setting

Goal Setting in Daily Life. Whether you’re aware of it or not, goal setting is something you do every single Continue Reading →

What do you desire for your life? An inspirational lecture by Alan Watts.

What do you desire? Do you seek happiness? Do you question your purpose? Are you living out your true potential? Continue Reading →