What to expect from a Kinesiology session

What to expect from a Kinesiology session.

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What is Kinesiology?

If you’re new to kinesiology you’ve most likely been introduced to the therapy through a friend or family member who has raved about the outcomes they have achieved but may have been lacking in detail about the process.

You may feel a little unsure about how the therapy works. You may be asking yourself will this work for me?

Kinesiology is a relatively new therapy. It could be described as a hybrid of Chiropractic muscle testing techniques and Chinese Medicine which can also incorporate teachings from other modalities such as Ayurvedic Medicine, Counselling and Nutrition.

It is the unique, modern blend of these techniques to provide a treatment that is holistic in nature. Kinesiology focuses on body, mind and spirit and the connections between the physical body, emotional and biochemical stress.

Because kinesiology addresses the root causes of the problems using muscle testing it can take fewer sessions to fully treat an issue than many other therapies.

What happens in a session?

Once you book your session you will be emailed an intake form to fill out in preparation for your appointment. This gives you an opportunity to think about your goals and consider how other areas of your life might be related to your presenting concern.

When you attend your first kinesiology session your practitioner will discuss your issue and take a history that covers many aspects of your health. Your practitionet will then help you to define what you would like to achieve from the treatment. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want, many people come to their first session lacking clarity.

Most of the work takes place on a massage table whilst your kinesiologist uses muscle testing in combination with acupressure points (without needles) to determine where there are imbalances in the energetic system. Your kinesiologist may test one muscle or a combination of muscles to accurately define where stress is located within the system.

When stress is located your kinesiologist may use a number of vibrational medicine based techniques including holding acupoints, using flower essences or sound tools to correct the imbalance and unblock the ‘blocked up’ energy pathways and help restore balance to the system.

Your kinesiologist may find that emotional stress is a factor in the imbalance and might talk to you about this in order to help you become consciously aware of how it relates to the problem. When emotional stress is brought into conscious awareness it is easier to integrate and release.

Your session should finish with an overview of what has been achieved within the session and a summary of any relevant homework or lifestyle changes necessary.

In order to get the most from your kinesiology session make sure you are clear about what your goals are from the outlay.

Most clients report feeling lighter and less weighed down upon finishing up a kinesiology session. It is important to remember that it can take a few days for things to fully fall into place after the session.


Suggested treatment plan.

If you are new to kinesiology I recommend an initial 90-minute kinesiology consultation followed by between 3 – 5 standard consultations 1 -2 weeks apart with lifestyle changes incorporated between sessions. You should expect to see results within 3 – 5 sessions.

Follow-up standard consultations should be spaced between 2 -4 weeks apart or may be booked as needed. We recommend booking ahead to avoid disappointment.


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