Can you really trust yourself?

trustCan You Trust Yourself?

Trust influences every part of your life. Trusting helps you to get what we need in life.
Every day you take risks with your decision making.
Each of these risks is based on the level of confidence and trust that you have in your ability to make the right choice, as well as confidence in your ability to put long term rewards ahead of personal short-term gain.
Trust is often tested when you put faith in the idea that the outcome of our decision will be beneficial. You hope that our trust will reward you with personal, social, financial, relationship and spiritual benefits.
When the outcomes of your decisions are negative your confidence tends to be lowered. You begin to question your ability to make the best choices for yourself and those you care about. You begin to disconnect from an idea of universal oneness and flow and start operating from a fear of loss. You may lose trust in yourself or in others. A lack of trust in the self can lead to feelings of.
When trust wains, it is important to reestablish a sense of confidence in the self and in the world. This may extend to strengthening trust in the self, in others and/or strengthening your trust and connection to a divine power.

Learning to trust your self.

Trusting yourself requires a strong sense of faith and the ability to let go, knowing that the outcome of a situation might not be as you expect (since no one can predict the future).
Self-trust requires a high level of self-esteem, self-worth, confidence and resilience.  It requires letting go of how you think things should work out. Releasing the expectations that you place on yourself and others.
Trusting is a process of being able to check in with yourself and quieting any judgemental inner voice. It requires listening to your higher self, this is the inner voice that points you in the direction of your values, ethics, self-love and inner peace.
It requires the confidence to take risks combined with faith in the future.
To establish faith in the future you must believe in yourself, and understand that you are only human and that you will make mistakes.

Kinesiology can help you establish self-trust.

Kinesiology can help you to tune into that inner voice that lies beyond your expectations and fears. At Affinity Wellness we use kinesiology holistically in combination with Counselling, Dreamwork, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition and Vibrational medicine practices including Chakra work and Chinese Meridian work. These practices can help you to release fears and blockages holding back your self-trust.

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