Shen, your Heart Spirit.


Shen, your heart spirit.

Shen is the name given in Chinese Medicine to the spirit that resides within the heart.
Translated, Shen means ‘mind’, and it is the functions of the mind that Shen is responsible for.

Functions of Shen.

  • Memory
  • Consciousness or presence.
  • Thinking
  • Emotions
  • Sleep

Shen is also translated as ‘glitter’ or ‘lustre’.
The state of the Shen is visible in the eyes; it is said that a person with healthy shen will have bright, happy eyes that shine.

Another function of Shen is the capacity to connect, relate and communicate with others. Shen is what makes us relate to the world and other human beings, it is what makes us human.

When the Shen is in disharmony, our minds and our ability to relate to others is affected.

Disharmonies of Shen.

  • Emotional problems
  • Insomnia and sleeping problems
  • Tiredness
  • Loss of cosciousness (fainting)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of memory
  • Dull thinking
  • Concetration problems
  • Disconnection
  • Social isolation
  • Mania
  • Autism / Aspergers.

How to Balance the Shen.

There are many ways to detect and correct a Shen imbalance using Chinese Medicine techniques. These involve using combinations of acupoints and herbs as well as incorporating lifestyle changes.

From a western perspective Shen imbalances are often addressed through therapy or personal development work, as well as diet and exercise. Often, people displaying Shen disturbance are given medication to alter anxious or depressive states. This can be helpful for the patient in the short term as long as they are also supported through therapy or lifestyle advice.

Balancing the Shen with Kinesiology.

Kinesiology helps us identify Shen imbalances through muscle testing. The subscapularis muscle is directly associated with the heart meridian and the Shen. If this particular muscle is found to be under-facilitated during testing then the state of the Shen will be assessed.

By incorporating both Chinese medicine techniques with western therapeutic techniques kinesiology can address Shen issues on a number of different levels. This makes kinesiology incredibly effective at resolving Shen based issues such as sleep, anxiety and depression.

Suggested kinesiology treatment plan.

I recommend:

  • An initial 90 minute kinesiology consultation followed by a standard consultation 1 -2 weeks apart.
  • Further follow-up standard consultations should be spaced between 2 -4 weeks apart or booked as needed.


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