Kinesiology Article Published in Living Now Magazine.

Kinesiology Article

Please see below for a copy of an article on kinesiology written for Living Now Magazine Australia January 2014. (Transcript below)


Kinesiology… a holistic approach to your health

As a holistic therapy, kinesiology treatment can be effective on many levels (e.g., physical, biochemical, emotional, energetic). The main aim of the treatment is to remove stress which can be experienced in many forms.

by  Kristen Ross, kinesiologist

Kinesiology is a holistic natural therapy which allows the therapist to communicate with the body’s innate intelligence through the use of gentle muscle monitoring techniques to determine and remove underlying stresses within the body’s different systems. As a holistic complementary therapy it is used to treat a wide range of stress associated ailments on different levels.

Kinesiologists incorporate a variety of vibrational healing techniques to treat imbalances. It is a foundational understanding in kinesiology that each muscle in the body is connected to one of the 14 main Chinese medicine meridians. A kinesiologist is able to determine where stress lies within the body’s vibrational system in various ways. They can either test various muscles the obtain information about which meridians are under/overenergised. They can also work by setting up an ‘indicator muscle’ and test for a yes/ no response when asking questions about where stress lies in various systems. They do this by working with certain acu-points and areas of the body and/ or by introducing stressful substances into the body’s energetic field.

As a holistic therapy, kinesiology treatment can be effective on many levels (e.g., physical, biochemical, emotional, energetic). The main aim of the treatment is to remove stress which can be experienced in many forms.

What makes kinesiology treatment so effective is that it is always specific to the individual being treated. It focuses on your body’s innate ability to heal itself and uncovers the underlyingconditions and stressors that may be preventing you from achieving your health potential. Kinesiology is a truly holistic approach to help you clear limiting beliefs, perform successfully, heal yourself and maintain your well-being.

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