Kinesiology, Past Lives and Karma

kinesiology, past lives and karma melbourne

Kinesiology, Past Lives and Karmic Contracts

There are times when I am practicing kinesiology where the client indicates (subconsciously) that the source of stress lies beyond the current physical reality that the body inhabits.
When I can’t find a cause of stress related to any of these areas I use kinesiology techniques to determine if the stress is karmic. This is asked in reference to the principle of karma i.e. that the soul exists beyond the body as an eternal being.
When I ask if karmic stress exists I am trying to find out if the stress has something to do with the evolutionary journey of the soul as opposed to the present life journey the individual is engaged in.
If there is an indication that the source of the stress is karmic then that I delve into the less commonly explored realms of past lives and spiritual contracts.

Past Lives

When I refer to past lives I am talking about the concept that the soul is reborn into different bodies over a series of lifetimes in order to gain numerous spiritual experiences as it moves towards a state of spiritual enlightenment. This belief is encompassed predominantly throughout Hinduism and Buddhism but elements of reincarnation can be found within the histories of other religions including Christianity and Judaism.

Spiritual Contracts

When I mention spiritual contracts I am referring the the concept of fate or destiny. The idea that some of the experiences that we have in this lifetime are pre-determined, and recorded in a ‘contract’ that the soul has made upon entering its current human manifestation. The soul’s purpose being to grow, develop and evolve by working through these pre-destined lessons and experiences.

When karmic stress arises in a kinesiology session it may be for a number of reasons.

When past life, karmic stress arises I may find that the soul is encountering an issue it may have experienced in a previous life. I might also find that the soul has encountered an experience in it’s current situation that has caused it to subtly regress to a past life due to a sense of overwhelm or fear. There are many other circumstances in which past life stress can arise. With numerous life experiences to draw from there are many instances where our current situations might trigger past life stress.

When karmic stress arises in regards to the soul contract I look at the souls journey and where there may be blockages regarding major life lessons. Often the case is that the soul is signalling for the body to hear a particular message and if it is ignored enough the unacknowledged message begins to manifest as emotional stress, stressful events or even pain or illness for the individual. Sometimes I find that a particular situation has manifested because it is necessary for the development of the soul, often in this case, acceptance of the issue and the lessons associated is necessary.

Not everyone believes in, or understands the concepts of karma, past-lives or spiritual contracts. To those who are skeptical I would like to say that we are only limited by beliefs that we do not question. It is not necessary that you believe in the concept for kinesiology to work to resolve stress. Past lives are not a religious concept and working with them has nothing to do with religion, here we are working with personal spiritual development.

Working with kinesiology and vibrational medicine to integrate and help resolve karmic stress can have profound effects on an individuals emotional and physical state. Sometimes a client will attend a session, aware that there is a karmic issue playing out in their lives and sometimes they just come feeling unsettled, not quite right or unbalanced, they may find that common methods of resolving stress are not working for them. In this case kinesiology can help the client to understand and resolve the issues on a soul level.

Suggested treatment plan.

You can come to a kinesiology session with the intention to explore past life lessons or karmic stress.

  • An initial 90 minute kinesiology consultation
  • Further follow-up standard consultations should be spaced between 2 -4 weeks apart or booked as needed.


If you are interested in learning more about past lives and soul contracts try reading these books: 

Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian L Weiss M.D

Same Soul, Many Bodies by Dr Brian L Weiss

Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss

(Book depository links)

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