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What are you passionate about?

How do you know what your passions are?

Do you have multiple interests and not enough time to pursue them all?

Did you know: The word Passion comes from Latin root Pati-, which can be translated to mean to suffer, or endure.

What I have found in my work is that one’s true passion is often best indicated by the amount of energy they are willing to put towards a pursuit.

Finding your Passion.

Your passion might not make you rich or happy!

Many of us have been led to believe that following our passions will make us rich and happy.  Others tie their self-worth to the degree to which they are successful in pursuing their passions.
It is possible to pursue a passion as either a hobby or a career path. Many of us get caught up in the idea that if we don’t know what our passions are, we are somehow blocking our chance to be happy or successful. The idea that following one’s passion equates to success or happiness is faulty based on the definition of passion as that which we are willing to suffer for.

Instead of worrying about clearly defining what your passion is, a better alternative might be to follow a path of joy by bringing those things which bring joy into your life.  If you want financial wealth, then a career path in finance might be a more viable option than to start a business based around a personal interest.

Passion can change.

Some of us have many interests, some of us have one dream that they wish to pursue. It is entirely reasonable to cycle through passions as you cycle through life. If we were to stay the same, then our passions might hold, but as changing human beings, it makes sense that as we grow into ourselves, we grow into and then eventually outgrow some of our passions.

If something you have pursued in the past no longer holds value for you is it worth holding on to, or is it better to let go and create space in your life for new experiences?

What are your passions and what challenges are you willing to face to pursue them? ⠀

At Affinity Wellness, our holistic wellness services such as kinesiology, wellness coaching and dreamwork help our clients become more aware of their attitudes, behaviours and beliefs so that they can feel comfortable connecting with and pursuing their passions.


On the 8th of November 2018, I held a Conscious Conversation on the topic of Passion.

Participants were asked to answer some of the following questions which were followed by sharing and discussion:

  1. Looking back over your life, what is one decision that you might have made differently? What might you have chosen to study or do for work? What adventures might you have liked to take part in?
  2. What topic do you love to talk about or even complain about?
  3. What is your ‘meta-motivation’? Your big picture reason for doing what you do or for being who you are? What is your vision for humanity?
  4. For what pursuit am I willing to meet with hardship or obstacles? Ie. What am I willing to suffer for?

Many of the participants found that they shared the same types of responses to the above questions, and for most participants, the answers to these questions were often repetitive, showing where their interests were and what they felt drawn towards.
There was a shared sense of how passion is connected to a more profound understanding of purpose and more importantly to the contribution we make towards the development of humanity. Another valuable insight from the conversation was that play is an important part of engaging with one’s passion.

Ask yourself:

If you are interested in finding out where your passions lie you might like to ask yourself the above questions followed by the two below.

  1. Towards which interests does the majority of my free-time go?
  2. What FEELS good for me to pursue? Think about what activities you are undertaking when your body feels the most alive and invigorated.

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