A life practice. What being a kinesiologist has taught me

What being a kinesiologist has taught me.

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How I became a kinesiologist:

I discovered kinesiology in 2005 when I, like many young people I work with now, was looking for a calling, direction, purpose in life.
At that time an administrative career in the arts and entertainment industry was not fulfilling me in the way that my former career in dance had, so I began to look for a way to develop myself and bring more fulfillment to my life.
I felt that I needed to work with people on I started searching for counselling courses. I had no idea what kinesiology was when I stumbled upon the course online but there was an open day at the College of Complementary Medicine, the first established kinesiology college in Carlton, Melbourne.
I went along and by the end of the day I knew I had found my calling. At this time I still knew incredibly little about how kinesiology worked or what it could achieve but I did know that it was something special and that there was no other therapy that brought mind, body and spirit together in the way that it did.
I took a huge leap of faith, quit my job and enrolled in the course throwing all of my savings into the pursuit and practice of kinesiology so that I could better understand the human experience (including my own).
I have been involved with kinesiology since 2006 and I still learn from the practice every day.


verb prac·tice \ˈprak-təs\

: to do something again and again in order to become better at it

: to do (something) regularly or constantly as an ordinary part of your life

: to live according to the customs and teachings of (a religion)

Key things I have learned from the practice of kinesiology are …

1. The relevance of the past.

It is your past that has made you who you are, past events and past experiences have all played a part in making you the person you are today. When you can truly be grateful for all of the experiences you have encountered then you can say that you have truly let go of emotional attachment to the past. This doesn’t mean that the events of your past are erased. It means that you understand how they have effected your development and behaviours.
Before I started practicing kinesiology I used to think that I could ignore or forget past events and experiences and that they had no bearing on my current position or on how I could choose to move forward. However, after years of practice I now understand that unlocking the unresolved issues and traumas from the past are even more important in helping us to move forward than goal setting in the present is.

2. The need to let go of illusion (delusion).

There is a Buddhist concept that says that, that which brings true happiness cannot bring us pain. We are taught from an early age that happiness comes in packages, ice-cream wrappers, gifts, celebrations, new houses, new cars, marriages, children, pets, clothes, qualifications etc. The truth is that whilst these packages may bring an initial sense of joy what comes with these packages can also cause stress and unhappiness and therefore are not true sources of happiness.
The practice of Kinesiology has taught me that happiness does not come from situations, events and material objects as all of those things have the ability to cause us pain, true happiness comes from within, from our ability to love ourselves and to let go of the illusions (or as I like to call them, ‘delusions’) that we hold about the world around us. Working on yourself is the quickest and most effective way of achieving happiness.

3. Everything is connected.

You cannot injure yourself or become ill without there being an energetic and emotional consequence and vice versa. Your body is a living matrix of vibrational energy and where there is vibrational imbalance the entire system is affected. These imbalances don’t just effect your body, mind and spirit but also the environment around you in terms of the kind of people and experiences that you attract into your life.
Through the practice of kinesiology I have learned how important it is to treat the whole person, not just the injury, illness or ailment. Before discovering kinesiology I thought that western medicine was the only solution to physical ailments. I personally had a weak immune system and a diet that was making me sick, I was working in an industry that I didn’t enjoy being a part of. As I began to work to heal my body through diet and exercise, my mind by altering my attitudes and beliefs and my spirit by following my curiosity to guide me to my purpose I began to grow strong, feel happier and look younger and healthier. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to help my clients in the same way, it is what keeps me inspired.

4. Kinesiology is not just a therapy, it’s a way of life.

An hour on the table having your muscles tested, holding acupoints and taking vibrational remedies is just the start of what kinesiology involves. Kinesiology provides us with a new way of seeing the world, of seeing the bigger picture and connecting heart and mind. The things that you learn about yourself in each kinesiology session will open you up to a greater sense of self-awareness and understanding of the world around you.
I bumped into an old kinesiology classmate at a festival the other day, we mused over the fact that it had been ten years since we started studying together, and whilst she had moved on from the physical practice of kinesiology as a profession she told me that she still used kinesiology every day. What she had learned from kinesiology was still helping to guide her on her journey. I wish this for all of my clients.

Suggested kinesiology treatment plan.

When clearing mind-clutter at Affinity Wellness Kinesiology Melbourne I recommend:

  • An initial 90 minute kinesiology consultation followed by between 3 – 5 standard consultations 1 -2 weeks apart.
  • Further follow-up standard consultations should be spaced between 2 -4 weeks apart or booked as needed.



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