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Be your own Therapist and Write One of my favourite parts of a kinesiology session is when I get to Continue Reading →

Kinesiology for Depression

kinesiology for depression

Kinesiology for Depression Kinesiology is incredibly effective in the treatment of depression. When combined with counselling during the session it Continue Reading →

Can you Kinesiology Muscle Test yourself? (Video included)

Kinesiology St Kilda

Can you use Kinesiology to Muscle Test yourself? Why should I learn to muscle test myself? The body can act Continue Reading →

Astrology and Kinesiology

Astrology and Kinesiology Know Thy Self  ~Socrates I began formally studying Astrology to complement my kinesiology practice in 2008. I Continue Reading →

A life practice. What being a kinesiologist has taught me

Kinesiology muscle test

What being a kinesiologist has taught me. How I became a kinesiologist: I discovered kinesiology in 2005 when I, like Continue Reading →

7 ways to balance your chakras and free yourself from stress.

Chakras kinesiology melbourne

7 ways to balance your chakras. Your 7 major chakras key points of energy located at 7 key sites on Continue Reading →

Clear clutter from your mind with kinesiology

Clear clutter from your mind with kinesiology. What is Mind-Clutter? Mind clutter (similar to clutter in your home or email Continue Reading →

Improve your self-esteem with Kinesiology


How to improve your Self-confidence and Self-esteem with Kinesiology. What is Self-esteem? Self-esteem is connected to your personal opinion of Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to see a Kinesiologist

Should you see a kinesiologist? There’s a common belief that people pursue therapy because there is something ‘wrong’ with them. The fact Continue Reading →

Kinesiology for Weight Loss

Why you should include Kinesiology as part of your Weight Loss Plan. Weight loss and weight management is much more complex Continue Reading →