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Dreamwork is a form of psychotherapy or counselling also commonly known as dream interpretation or dream analysis.
Dreamwork goes much deeper than just naming the meanings of symbols; it is the process of exploring dreams that occur during sleep to determine their deeper psychological impact.

Traditionally, dreams were considered a form of spiritual guidance and can still be considered as such. With the help of an intuitive dream worker, you can learn to interpret the messages from your subconscious mind that appear to you as you explore the brink of consciousness each night.

Mapping the Psyche.

Sleep is a massive part of our life; we spend 8 hours a night (a third of our lives) in the sleep state which equates to thousands upon thousands of important messages transmitted to you in the language of symbols.

Sleep and dreams help us restore and prepare for the challenges of waking life. However, the messages we receive through our dreams are often not so easy to understand.

Dreamwork can help you to map your psyche and uncover the many layers of information contained within your unique dream language.

Your Dream Language

Our dreams appear as information from the psyche or subconscious mind that arises to help us process life’s events.

Your dream language is different from our waking language. Your subconscious mind speaks through the use of symbols.

When you dream, each symbol has a specific and unique meaning for you, the dreamer, that exists within the context of your own life. For this reason, other people can not interpret your dream without your input and understanding of your circumstances and emotional experience.

Your psyche is also able to access and transmit archetypal information that is stored within the conscious collective and present these as symbols in your dreams to help you connect with some of the more profound issues that are affecting humanity.

Generally, we are blind to the deeper meanings of our dreams as some of the content is beyond what we are consciously able to acknowledge.

Every dream holds a message about what you are processing in your waking life. Working with a dream worker can help you see what unusual gifts there are to learn from your dreams.
Dreamwork, combined with intuitive counselling, can help you tap into the dream message at a deeper level.

Dreamwork can help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Decision Making
  • Life Direction
  • Self-confidence, Self-worth and Self-esteem issues
  • Motivation

Listen to Kristen’s podcast interview with Nova 100’s Wise Guides.

Dreamwork with Kristen.

Understand yourself at a deeper level by allowing us to teach you to map your dreams.

For each new dream, Kristen recommends a 60-minute appointment in person in our Camberwell (Melbourne) office or over the phone/online, for interstate & international clients. Some dreams will contain several layers and may need to be worked through over a number of sessions.

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About your Dreamworker

Kinesiology Melbourne, Kinesiologist Kristen RossKristen is a sought after, qualified, experienced, and passionate Wellness consultant of 13 years, with clients from all over Australia.

She is Coach, Kinesiologist, Counsellor, Dreamworker, Yoga and Meditation Facilitator.

Kristen always dreamed vividly as a child and was always curious as to their meanings. She started training in Dreamwork and helping people interpret their dreams in 2015.

Dreams give us a unique option to understand our psyche. Kristen’s life work and passion is exploring the subconscious mind to help people achieve happiness by discovering their unique truth and working towards their highest potential. Kristen has been interviewed about Dreamwork as a part of Nova 100’s podcast series “The Wise Guides”

Kristen’s professional approach, dedication, and enthusiasm has helped hundreds of people breakthrough in their personal and professional lives.

In her vivid dream life, Kristen often competes on stage in dance competitions, spends time with cattle on her parent’s farm, hangs out with Prince (the artist) and practices lucid dreaming (the art of awakening within your dreams) to go flying and explore the wisdom of her higher self.
She has run her successful business, Affinity Wellness for the past 13 years.