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Dreamwork is a form of psychotherapy or counselling also commonly known as dream interpretation or dream analysis. Dreamwork goes much deeper than just naming the meanings of symbols; it is the process of exploring dreams that occur during sleep to determine their deeper meanings.

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Dreamwork, unlocking the Psyche.

Sleep is a huge part of our life; we spend a third of our lives in the sleep state which equates to thousands upon thousands of dreams.

Sleep helps us restore and prepare for the challenges of waking life.

Your Dream Language

Our dreams appear as information from the psyche or subconscious mind that arises to help us process life’s events.
Your dream language is different from our waking language. Your subconscious speaks using symbolic representations.
When you dream, each symbol has a specific meaning for you, the dreamer, that exists within the context of your life. For this reason, other people can not interpret your dream without your unique understanding of your circumstances and emotional experience.
Your psyche is also able to access archetypal information that is stored within the conscious collective and present these as symbols in your dreams to help you connect with some of the deeper energies of the human psyche.

Generally, we are blind to the deeper meanings of our dreams as some of the content is beyond what we are consciously able to acknowledge.

Dreamwork helps us see what amazing gifts there are to learn from our dreams. When Dreamwork is combined with our kinesiology services, you can tap into the dream message at a deeper level and see where there are blockages in the energetic system associated with the dream imagery.

Dreamwork can help with:

Life Direction
Self-confidence, Self-worth and Self-esteem issues

Suggested Kinesiology Dreamwork plan.

For each new dream to be worked I recommend:

  • A 60-minute appointment in person or online.

About your Dreamworker

Kinesiology Melbourne, Kinesiologist Kristen RossKristen Ross is a qualified Dreamworker, Kinesiologist, Counsellor, Yoga and Meditation teacher. She specialises in helping her clients manage stress, anxiety and depression and achieve happy, fulfilling lives. Her passion is exploring the subconscious mind to help people achieve happiness by discovering their unique truth and working towards their highest potential. Dreams give us a unique option to understand our subconscious mind.

Kristen currently practices in Melbourne, Australia. Kristen’s dream analysis work services can be accessed at her Camberwell office or online via Skype or phone.

Book your initial Dreamwork session with Kristen online or contact her to arrange a phone consultation.