Kinesiology in Hawthorn

After 3.5 years in Armadale, we are moving our practice to Hawthorn. You can experience kinesiology in Hawthorn by booking your session with us now.

Kinesiology in Hawthorn, Melbourne

We have moved to Hawthorn

After just over three years practising from Armadale Chiropractic centre, we have moved.

Don’t worry, we are not going far away.

How it happened.

In July 2018 I took a surprise phone call from the manager of the SWell centre, ( a spirituality and wellness centre located in the old St. Augustine’s Sunday School in Hawthorn).
I mentioned that I was looking for a place to accommodate our kinesiology services as well as yoga and meditation workshops and classes.
Furthermore, I was looking for a place where the Affinity Wellness community which has been with me for over 11 years could grow and evolve.

After my visit, I fell in love with the centre and its numerous facilities which include a dedicated practitioner room, a workshop / private yoga studio space, a hall for public yoga workshops and classes and even a beautiful library!

The centre also has a dedicated reception area and will soon include an outdoor seated area for clients to wait in.

The Swell space is perfect for the growth of Affinity Wellness and will provide a space for our community to flourish in!

Kinesiology in Hawthorn!

Our address as of August 4th 2018 is:

The SWell Centre
2 Minona St, Hawthorn.

When you arrive, you will see a sign at the end of the street indicating the Swell centre.
We are next door to the kindergarten.

Note: Minona street is a small side street. You will find the best parking in the numerous 2-hour parking zones in surrounding streets.

When you arrive for the first time, you can walk straight into reception and they will guide you to our rooms.
Once you get to know the place, you will be able to make your way through the side gate to the waiting area.
If you can’t find your way around the grounds, we will be ‘on call’ to come and find you, just call your practitioner when youarrive.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new space.


“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”Lao Tzu


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Kristen is a qualified Kinesiologist, Coach, Counsellor an Yoga teacher.  She has been helping people with their physical, emotional and spiritual journeys for over 12 years.

Kristen specialises in working with the mind-body-energy connection and the subconscious mind. She works with the energy-body as an interface between the physical and the mind.

By bringing together kinesiology, conscious coaching, counselling, dreamwork, yoga and chinese medicine Kristen can help you to balance your energy to achieve a fulfilling, successful, happier life.

Kristen’s passion is helping you to achieve inner peace, purpose and clarity by discovering your own unique truth and working towards your highest potential.

Kristen practices in Camberwell, Victoria.

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