Kinesiology for Grief and Loss

Kinesiology for grief and loss

Kinesiology for Grief and Loss

As a holistic therapy kinesiology deals with many major life changing issues including those associated with grief and loss.

All of us will experience loss and associated grief a number of times throughout our lifetime, it is inevitable.
The reaction to loss will differ between individuals and will depend on what is perceived to have been lost.
There is a generally accepted and understood pathway to reach ‘acceptance’ of loss as made famous by Dr Elisabeth Kübler-Ross she pioneered an understanding of the stages of grief which include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, which are transferable to personal change and emotional upset resulting from factors other than death and dying.

Grieving over loss is natural and appropriate. It is normal for us to need time to come to terms with loss of any kind. However, it’s when we find that our ability to function is dramatically impaired over a substantial period of time that we may seek specialist help us through the process.

When loss occurs in any area of our life, memories of how we have coped with loss in the past are triggered either consciously or sub-conciously.
If we have experienced immense loss in the past and weren’t able to cope with it very well then this shapes our reactions to loss in the present.
For some people the emotions triggered from the past will compound with the more current and they lose all sense of integration and ability to cope with the situation as it stands, this can manifest as overwhelm or exaggerated grief.
Unresolved grief from the past may also arise. Kinesiology can help by allowing an individual to integrate the information and emotions arising by bringing past issues into conscious awareness in a way that allows the mind to understand the links to the present in a rational way. Kinesiology can also help to determine where there may be energetic blockages or traumas present in the meridian and chakra systems which may be hindering the process of letting go.

* Kristen Ross is a Melbourne Kinesiologist who works with issues including Grief and Loss you can find out more on her website 

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