Awakening the Third-Eye Chakra Workshop

Third-eye Chakra Yoga Workshop

Awakening the Third-Eye Chakra Workshop

Awaken to Clarity

Yoga, Meditation, Self-Discovery

Insight, intuition, clarity and vision are the foundations of the Third-eye chakra (Ajna).
The 6th major chakra is the vibrational centre through which we see the world symbolically and access our intuition on an epic personal journey towards enlightenment and self-realisation.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover how energy blockages in the Third-eye Chakra affect you.
  • Awaken and harmonise Chakra energy by working through a gentle yoga & meditation healing process.
  • Learn how to maintain a balanced Third-eye chakra and discover the benefits this will bring to your daily life.

You will be guided to activate and balance the energy of the Third-eye chakra through yoga-based movement, meditation, affirmations, breathwork and self-inquiry practices.

Awakening the Third-eye chakra helps us to address issues with brain integration and intellect as well as clairvoyance and intuition.
When balanced, this chakra can help us to recall our dreams and see the deeper meaning of our lives.
On a physical level, Third-eye chakra awakening may help with vision, sleep problems and general hormonal concerns.


Sunday the 14th of July 2019
2pm – 4.00pm (2 hours)


Camberwell Pilates and Yoga
The rear of 576 Burke Rd, Camberwell.
(upstairs venue)

*Free parking available after 1 pm.

Suitable for:

Anyone aged 16 and over.
Yoga postures will be taught at a beginner level in this workshop.

What to Bring:

Comfortable clothing that you can move in.
A notebook and a pen.


Ticket price $55 includes GST
Note: Any cancellations should be made 7 days before the course start time for money to be refunded. Otherwise, no refunds will be available.

Your Teacher:

Kinesiology Melbourne, Kinesiologist Kristen RossKristen has been an energy medicine practitioner working with chakra energy and psychology for ten years.
Kristen has practised yoga and dance since childhood. Her yoga teacher training is in Purna and Yin Yoga styles. She is also a trained Meditation teacher.
Kristen’s interest in the Chakra system goes into the metaphysical aspects including meditation, breathwork, philosophy and the energetics of the chakra system. Her teaching style is functional, integrative and accessible.
Kristen believes that everyone can access the benefits of working with yoga, movement and the chakra system.
Kristen runs a private kinesiology practice and has facilitated workshops and for many organisations. Kristen has spoken at events such as the Mind Body Spirit Festival and Evolve Yoga Festival.