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Learn to Meditate

Make Meditation Work for You

8 Week Course

If you want to become more conscious and learn to meditate on your own, but are not sure where to star, this course will help you build a strong foundation so that you can make meditation work for you.

This 8-week course is for people who want to learn how to DIY their meditation practice to find more focus, clarity and purpose.

In this course you will:

  • Apply simple meditation techniques in your daily life.
  • Uncover the four key types of meditation, and discover which work best for you.
  • Learn about breath and how you can use it to calm your energy and prepare you for meditation.

By applying lessons from this course, you can experience:

  • A calmer mind
  • Improved concentration
  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced relationships

This interactive course is a great place to start if you are new to meditation or you want to build on already developed skills.
You will finish feeling confident and empowered to start meditating on your own any way, any time, any where!

Course Dates:




What to Bring:

Comfortable clothing.
A notebook and a pen to take notes and journal your experience.


Cost: $180.00 (covers the entire 8-week course).
Ticket price includes GST and booking fee.

Note: Your booking confirms your place in the course for 8 weeks. Any cancellations should be made 24 hours before the first class. Otherwise, no refunds will be available

Your Teacher:

Kinesiology Melbourne, Kinesiologist Kristen RossKristen Ross is a qualified kinesiologist, counsellor, yoga and meditation teacher who has worked with the mind-body connection for over a decade. She has trained in meditation through numerous traditions including Yoga, Buddhist, Shamanic and Mindfulness training.
Kristen’s teaching style is integrative, nurturing and accessible for all participants with an emphasis on compassion.

Kristen runs a private kinesiology practice in Melbourne and has experience facilitating yoga and meditation workshops for groups, individuals and organisations. She has spoken about the mind-body connection at events such as the Mind Body Spirit Festival and Evolve Yoga Festival.


Listen to a sample Learn to meditate guided session:


Course Curriculum

Module 1: What is Meditation?

You will have an opportunity to discuss the goal of Meditation and learn some simple tools to aid your basic meditation practice

Module 2: All about the Breath

In this session, you will learn the importance of breath and how to modulate your breath to experience different outcomes.
Want to fire up in the mornings and slow down before sleep? This session will teach you how.
You will learn to conduct a mindful breath-based meditation.

Module 3: The Wandering Mind

In this class, you will learn about the concept of Monkey Mind and the nature of the wandering mind. You will learn essential techniques to work with mind wandering and create personalised scripts that you can use to bring the attention back to the purpose of the meditation.

Module 4: Focus your Attention.

It will take concentration to experiment with focused attention meditation in this class by working with the five senses to understand how attention based meditation can benefit you.

Module 5: Open your Awareness

Open your mind as you explore open-monitoring meditation in this session by working with the full experience of the present moment to understand how awareness based meditation can benefit you.

Module 6: Orient your Action

If you’re a mover and shaker, you will enjoy this class where you will have an opportunity to experiment with the body to understand how dynamic meditation can benefit you.

Module 7: Be Kind to Yourself

here you will enjoy a gentle loving-kindness based class and learn exercises that you can apply every day to love yourself and others more.

Module 8: How to DIY Your Meditation at Home.

In this session, you will workshop your meditation practice to suit you. This is where you will bring it all together and make meditation work for you.

Any questions about this course can be directed to Kristen at info@affinitywellness.com.au.

If you are a studio or clinic owner and would like to run this course at your venue or for your clients please contact Kristen at info@affinitywellness.com.au.