7 ways to balance your chakras and free yourself from stress.


7 ways to balance your chakras.

Your 7 major chakras key points of energy located at 7 key sites on the body. Chakras are like the power centres of the body. They charge the body with energy and help to keep you vital and energised. Chakras can experience trauma resulting from physical, emotional or energetic stress. Stress will effect the energetic fabric of the chakra and if it is not healed you may be left with energetic scar tissue that will affect the function of your chakra.

Below is a short list of 7 simple, practical things you can do to help open your chakras, gain energy and reduce stress in your life.

Each chakra is associated with different body parts, emotions and life areas, so in balancing each chakra, you will be giving energy and help to any issues or problems you have:

1. Root Chakra – Survival, Security, Energy, Trust, Power to achieve, Money.

One way you can resolve Root chakra stress by getting your finances in order. The exchange of money is an exchange of energy associated with our survival. If your relationship with money is dysfunctional then you will most likely feel unsafe and worry about your personal security.  Money issues are often associated with Root chakra problems. If you have unmanageable debt causing stress then create a plan to reduce (by downsizing or limiting spending). If you do not have a savings security blanket then start saving so that you have at least 3 months worth of expenses available to you in case of emergency. This is a great way to begin creating security and reducing Root chakra associated stress.

2. Sacral Chakra – Feelings, Self-awareness, Self-love, Creativity, Sex, Sexuality.

You can begin to work to resolve Sacral chakra stress by accessing your creativity. Each of us is creative (whether you believe that or not). How we express our creativity is indicative of how active our Sacral chakra is. To release stress in the Sacral chakra you need to connect to your passions and pursue them. Whether it be through photography, writing, travel, visual art, dance, drama or music. The more you engage in these creative activities the more energy will allow to flow through your sacral chakra.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Personality, Self-respect, Self-confidence, Digestion, Relationship to food.

Digestive problems arise in the area and organs governed by Solar Plexus. One way to clear out your solar plexus is by cleaning up your diet. Your body was not built to process the numerous additives, chemicals and toxins found in today’s modern diet. Switching to organic, unprocessed wholefoods will help your gut heal. On an energetic level it will help you to let go of undigested attitudes and beliefs as you activate the organs of digestion and elimination, clearing excess toxins and shifting energy in your Solar Plexus in the process.

4. Heart Chakra – Love, Compassion, Sharing, Forgiveness, Breath

A way to clear stress from your heart chakra is to improve the air you breathe. The Heart chakra is connected to the lungs and you energetically take in all that you breathe in. If you commute to work in the city each day by car, or even just walk down a busy street you are being exposed to a number of toxic chemicals from the traffic. It is important to get away from the hustle and bustle and regularly visit places where you can cleanse and rejuvenate your lungs with pure, fresh air.

5. Throat Chakra – Creative self-expression, Communication, Inspiration

Communicate your needs to open up your Throat chakra and release stress. Unexpressed issues and concerns will build up and block your Throat chakra and eventually manifest on a physical level. If you can’t communicate your thoughts and needs to others then journal them out (you don’t have to keep the pages). Make sure that you have enough debrief time scheduled into your life, whether it’s in the form of a catch-up with friends, your partner or a therapist. A good portion of your healing will take place just through the practice of communicating your thoughts and feelings. If you find it hard to communicate your feelings then one other simple way to activate your throat chakra is to sing. Yes, turn up the radio and sing along!

6. Third Eye Chakra – Intuition, Understanding, Insight, Realisation

Third eye chakra is associated with intuition which is often clouded by ego and the mind. To balance this chakra some form of mindfulness practice should be incorporated into your daily life. You don’t have to sit and meditate, you can practice mindfulness in a number of different ways. Yoga and dance are great ways to connect to your body and be present in the moment. If you do want to try sitting and meditating then I recommend the Mindfulness App as a great way of learning how to practice mindfulness that you can take with you into your everyday life.

7. Crown Chakra – Knowing, Wholeness, Perfection, Enlightenment, Unity, Spirit

Connect to a divine energy source. Many people shun religion and in the process they block themselves off from spirit. Spirituality and religion are two very different things. Spirituality is about accepting that a higher power exists in a form such as Divine or Universal energy, God or the Higher self. If religion helps you to connect to your spirituality that may be the most appropriate path for you. If not then find another way to honour a divine energy, life force or self.  A blocked crown chakra is one of the key causes of depression. I often find that it is not until a client is able to re-connect to spirit that they are able to let go of depressive states. Make sure that you incorporate some form of spiritual practice into your life to help clear crown chakra issues. Gratitude is one way to reconnect to the bigger picture.

Kinesiology for balancing your chakras.

For most chakra based issues Kristen recommends:

An initial 90 minute kinesiology consultation followed by between 3 – 5 standard consultations 1 -2 weeks apart with lifestyle changes incorporated between sessions.



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