Adressing Addictions with Kinesiology


When addressing addictions of any kind it important to understand what it is that really needs to be addressed.  Many people view addictions as a pattern of behaviour that they may have trouble breaking. What is more often the case is that the addictive behaviour is only a symptom of a deeper issue which must be addressed in order for the individual to break free of their addiction.
So many people fail to break their addictions or stick to healthier behaviour patterns, because when the focus is on changing behaviour, only the symptom of the problem is being addressed. It is very difficult to sustain a behavioural change when the root cause of the problem still exists.

Addictions come in many forms, we can be addicted to material objects, food, sensations, feelings, people, sex, relationships, money, work, exercise, meditation, alcohol, cigarettes, narcotics … the list goes on. Some of the addictions may seemingly affect our lives positively or only minimally however, some can have disasterous consequences from which wan addict may never recover.
All of these manifestations of addiction have to do with underlying emotional and spiritual causes which have the ability to decrease one’s quality of life by being a pathway to physical and/or mental illness such as depression and anxiety.

An addiction becomes a problem when it starts to affect our lives and/or the lives of those around us detrimentally.  Breaking addictions can be a difficult process to embark upon and we see how prevalent they are in society by looking at the many options for accessing help such as help lines, literature, therapy, support groups etc.

Because the causes of addictions are most often psycho-spiritual, kinesiology provides a wonderful tool for individuals to examine and explore the origins and reasons for their addiction. Kinesiology allows us to access subconscious processes in order to find information related to the root causes of the addiction. By bringing this information into conscious awareness the individual may gain clarity and awareness as to the reasons for the addiction and as to what change needs to take place in order to break free. Kinesiology can also be used to determine which energetic pathways have been blocked related to the addictive behaviour or the causes, vibrational healing techniques can then be applied to clear energetic blockages and to help the individual to move forward free from energetic burden.

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